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There are two straightforward questions for all independent personal trainers, fitness coaches and studio owners:
(The Scary, Negative One): Is There A Chance You Could Still Be Wrestling With The Same Revenue Issues Next Quarter? How About Next Year? 
(The Positive, Abundance-Based One): How Much Growth Do You Think Is Possible For Your Business To Achieve Within Just 90 Days?
We’ll get to the second question in a minute.


If the first question gives you that unpleasant, ‘ball of stress’ feeling in the pit of your stomach, it means you’re normal…and that you’ve probably been there before.

…wondering what this month’s numbers are going to look like…

…dreading the hours you’ll have to put in just to get to break even or maybe have a few extra dollars in the bank at month’s end…

Unfortunately, these thoughts are all too common among a huge percentage of fitness pros in our industry.

Have you ever said any of these things to yourself?
  • “I’m good at what I do…this shouldn’t be this hard!”
  •  “How can I get in front of the right prospects and not short-term, tire-kickers?” 
  •  “I’m putting in crazy hours, what can I do to make my numbers better, and actually become profitable?” 
  •  “How can I take what I’m doing now and scale it up?” 
  •  “How can I set up my business so I can have just a little more free time?” 
  •  “How can I increase the number of clients who sign up and stick with me long term?” 
These questions sum up the dilemmas and challenges of far too many trainers just like you.

We’ve seen it over and over again. So this is why we do what we do!
We feel that trainers have not been given the skills to take their vast knowledge in the fitness industry and turn that into profits. WE GET IT, you're an amazing fitness professional! Now lets make you a damn good amazing business person.
We're frustrated seeing amazing, educated and talented fitness pros like you struggle, barely paying bills, working endless hours, feeling like you are never getting ahead.

Make more money
Understand your worth
Understand systems
Increase your knowledge
Automate tasks and save you time
Increase your revenue streams without increasing your workload

If you hate your corporate career, but can't make enough money 
in your passion to be able to quit...... 

Brenda Johnston spent 10 years trying to make her passion a full time income, but struggled to even make $1500 a month.

She desperately wanted to quit her corporate career, and do what she loved. But she was frustrated, had already spent money on past coaches, who didn't deliver the results she wanted.

After 4 months Brenda was making more part-time in her business than her corporate job, and after 9 months went full time into her passion.

If you're at rock bottom, and have no idea how to build a business..... 

Jesse Topp was working out of a 10x10 box of a 'studio' with no concept of how to build his business.

He has been through a slew of bad decisions, leaving him broke, homeless and even in jail.

Now, Jesse has 3 locations, a multiple 6-figure business, staff and trainers. He has also been able to retire his wife from her corporate career and bring her into the business.

Even if you're a mom of 5 and have been in business for over 20 years...

Teresa Heron had been running HUF Gym in Mississauga, On for over 20 years with her family.

They had 500 members and a great culture within their facility.
Things were 'good'!

But business had been stagnant for awhile, their children were getting older (9 kids between 2 families), more finances were needed, and Teresa had no idea how to do that.

We showed her how to add an EXTRA $120,000 per year!

Even if you're doing ok, but ready for the next level of leadership & growth....

Marta was ready for the next level in her business:
a bigger location and hiring on staff

She needed to know how to properly market herself to increase her client load and expand her business.

She was able to 3x her Instagram following, hire a team who had her same vision, move her facility to a bigger location and launch online program.

Hey, we are Joe Arko & Sara Fennell. 

The coaches of the Learn to Earn Mentorship Program.

We’ve spent years in the trenches.

Between the two of us, we have seen the fitness industry from every angle, held every type of job and experienced the same high’s and low’s you most likely have.

(Any one of those quotes above could have been muttered by either one of us along our respective journeys.)

We’ve seen the common traps and mistakes trainers make; leaving them frustrated and overwhelmed…

…with some even considering leaving the industry altogether.

Fast forward a few years…

After plenty of study and hard work, We have been fortunate enough to build multiple six-figure businesses over time.

As a result, we are now considered by many to be Canada’s premier fitness business growth experts.

So…we knew we could help others who are still on this journey.
We put our experiences together(29 combined years worth), tested various approaches, and refined our own systems; all of which resulted in a business mentorship program designed to help trainers just like you to:
  • Make more money (#1 right?!)
  •  Learn how to KEEP more of that money by increasing your profitability
  •  Understand your worth as a business owner motivated to help clients achieve their goals
  •  Understand the systems you MUST have in place in order to get there
  •  Increase your overall business knowledge so you make better decisions along the way
  •  Automate more tasks to save you time and energy
  •  Generate multiple revenue streams without increasing your workload
Hence, the Learn to Earn Mentorship was born…
Pat Rigsby
Craig Ballantyne
You may be asking, “Why a mentorship? Why should I join?”
Sure. We could have packaged up all of this into a one-off product and sold it.

But guess what would happen then?


Sadly, most trainers who buy business products NEVER implement a single step within that product. Even though they KNOW, intellectually, that it could help them.

Such a product would have sat on their hard drives. Ignored.

The key word here is “implement”

It’s no coincidence that some of the top performers across a vast number of industries work with coaches and mentors.

The entire concept behind coaching programs, mentorships and mastermind groups is the same.

Rely upon the experience and guidance of others in order to:
  • Get fast-tracked knowledge
  •  Save months or even years of effort going down the WRONG path
  •  Receive regular, proven accountability, focused upon your mission and your numbers
  •  Work with clear and fixed deadlines
  •  Increase the standards of your definition of success
  •  Surround yourself with other driven business minds – harnessing the power of community
It’s no longer necessary to feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but getting nowhere. Alone.

No running your business in ‘reactionary mode’ with the arrival of every new competitor or new trend. 

Proper mentorship allows you to avoid scrambling to piece together that next big promotion – hoping it works or (worse still) living from contest to contest, wishing signups would increase.
Who Is This Mentorship Designed For?
We work with fitness professionals across the country who are continually frustrated by stagnation with their business growth.

People who got into this industry to help clients achieve their goals, but who have not been able to achieve their own, and who realize things could be going better for them.

Trainers who put in the hours to improve their knowledge, deliver great results, but who aren’t seeing the financial returns they expected.

Business owners who are self motivated and high achievers, but who feel stuck on how to get the 'next level' of success.

Does any or all of this sound familiar?
We understand that it’s okay to do GOOD and do WELL.
But we want you to do PHENOMENAL in your business!

We show you how to do that with our simple system:
We’ll show you 5 ways to attract new clients, without costly advertising
You’ll come away knowing and understanding the 6 reasons why people hire you or buy your service, as well as the 6-step sales formula to make selling easy and non-salesy 
Discover how to create a proper on-boarding system, a culture & community of over delivering while providing professional content. This creates massive client retention when done properly and here’s the best part, it’s automated and takes zero of your time.
Realize why 83% of happy clients are willing to refer but most do not. We provide the systems to make it easy for you and your clients to bring in new hot leads
Develop and understanding of your ‘business mountain’, and how to build out free to low end to high end offers. This concept alone will completely change the way you do business!
You will get first hand help and guidance from us (Joe Arko & Sara Fennell), who have been in the industry for a combined 26 years. Our overall focus is to ensure you: 
Get fast tracked knowledge
Save time
Have accountability
Have clear and focused deadlines
Increase the standards of your success
Surround yourself with other driven business minds
  • We’re going to lock arms for 3 months
  •  We start as a group Friday Sept 27th, 2019 and will meet up in person as a group each month
Burlington, Ontario
DATES (9-5pm each day):
Sept 27th & 28th, 2019
Oct 25th, 26th 2019
Nov 22nd & 23rd, 2019
Our goal is to teach you the ins and outs of...
Implementing & managing multiple revenue streams
 Attracting new leads every day
 Nurturing your audience & creating value
Opt in & sales pages (Clickfunnels)
Emailing marketing & automation (Aweber)
eBook & eCourse creation
How to properly launch a program
How to maximize social media for marketing
Improving your networking & referral rates
Creating an on-boarding process for your business
All of that cool biz stuff that you need to know to help build, thicken, and maintain all of the pieces of a thriving business.
Hold on tight.... there's a lot
  •  48 Hours of lecture-style teachings, group training, classroom style; broken up over 3 months (6 days total)
MODULE 1 - Day 1
- The 5 stages of your 'Business Mountain'
- Understanding the 4 Pillars of making more money
- Identifying the 10 Business Leaks and which one to plug first
- Establishing monthly revenue goals
- The 5 ways of attracting new clients
- How to make selling EASY, authentic & effective
- How to set business targets
MODULE 1 - Day 2
- Analyzing your current marketing strategy
- How to build out your marketing message
- Designing your brand story, ideal client & brand positioning.
- Understanding your business sales funnel
- Mastering social media for business
- Writing content that sells & using 2 different frameworks
- Developing your weekly marketing strategy
MODULE 2 - Day 1
- How to run proper challenges and transformations
     - Understanding your role as the facilitator
     - Understanding the clients role & how to guide
     - How ensure maximum results and utilize client            success for future marketing
     - How to create a business model around                        transformations
MODULE 2 - Day 2
- How to use IG Stories to attract in more business & build relationships online
- How to package an enticing offer
- How to structure a proper marketing campaign
- How to reach a bigger network with your offer
- Understanding sales pages and opt in pages
MODULE 3 - Day 1
- How to assess and improve your work performance
- Creating balance between work and personal life
- Deeper dive into attraction methods
- Creating action plans for driving more sales into your business
- Deeper dive and role playing for sales: meetings and calls, pre qualifying clients, creating images for better communication of what you are selling.
MODULE 3 - Day 2
- Referral strategies
- Retention strategies (how to delight & over-deliver to clients)
- How to create powerful marketing messages. (Looking at language, drivers for action, using emotion and understanding your ideal clients desires.)
 Private coaching calls to ensure you and your business has the direct attention and clarity it needs
 Weekly accountability and reviews
 Direct daily chat access through our communication app
 Access to our HOW-TO Library:
“How to…”, a library of videos, showing you how to:
  Create your own 3D ebook covers
 Host documents & programs online
 Collect email addresses for marketing
 Use email automation: setting up lists, designing sign up forms, sending out emails to lists
 Use Trainerize & design online workouts (online training) 
 Create opt in/squeeze pages (to collect email addresses)
 Create & customize sales pages for programs
 Create and use Facebook groups
Client referral letter
 Customized Referral coupons
 Price increase letter
 New client 8 week on-boarding email series 
Full Program - success manual, recipe book, cardio regimen, plateau checklist, travel workout guide, goal tracker
Sales page (customizable)
Email marketing sales sequence
Launch formula

Fully customizable. Delivered in .doc format
Applicable for online or in studio sales
Full Program - program manual, lifestyle tips, recipe section, 4 weeks of meal plans, goal tracker
Sales page (customizable)
Email marketing sales sequence
28 Days of emails for clients
Launch formula

Fully customizable. Delivered in .doc format
Applicable for online or in studio sales
This is a free offer that you exchange for an email address to build your email list

Opt In Page (customizable)
How to do email marketing
30 Day know/like/trust email sequence

Fully customizable. Delivered in .doc format
Applicable for online or in studio sales
As an extra gift we want you to also have:
Instagram is the place to be, to gain clients, but it takes a certain skill to be able to build a following, get that following to trust you and then ultimately turn those followers into clients.

In the Insta-Clients course you'll learn everything you to know to be a client generating machine on Instagram
($198 VALUE)
So many people are flocking to the online space to run programs and attract people from all over the world.

iLAUNCH Masterclass teaches you how to launch programs that actually get people's attention and have them excited to work with you. Learning the online launch formula can give you an online income without taking an excessive amount 
of your time.
($849 VALUE)
Designing training programs for your clients is a daunting task, which is why you most likely end up doing the same boring exercises with your clients.

Anatomy of a Workout gives you 5 YEARS of pre done programs.
No more guess work!

Comes complete with building & strength workouts, hybrid and metabolic workouts.

($197 VALUE)
Join us at the first ever Canadian Fitness Business Summit.
April 13th & 14th, 2019

2 days, 12 speakers

We're bringing together some of the top industry leaders in the fitness space to help you increase your business knowledge.
(1 ticket given to you)
($199 VALUE)
Heard enough? Start your application process below.
(There is no obligation…we’ll evaluate your unique position first)
Does this program sound like it could help you?
Need a bit of reassurance?

Here’s what more of our clients are saying about the Learn to Earn Mentorship…
Heard enough? Start your application process below.
(There is no obligation…we’ll evaluate your unique position first)
So, what do you need to do next?
Let’s talk.

You’re looking for the right fit for you and your business.

So are we.
Once you complete the application, the first thing we will do is to review it and make sure some basic requirements are there.

Remember, we are looking for people who are highly motivated to increase business growth. If you’re only ‘half in’…this may not be the program for you.
You MUST be able to see the true value of a mentorship, and the importance of having a solid action plan!
If this sounds like you, apply right here…right now by clicking this button.
Once that process is complete, we will set up your discovery call, in order to confirm that you’re a great fit… and that we can move forward together. 

FAIR WARNING**: This 3 month mentorship - because of the hands-on nature of this program - 
is strictly limited to 15 participants!

**If the program is full at this time, your application will be added to a waiting list for the next enrollment period.

So, to sum up…and answer that second question at the top of this page…
When you’re surrounded by peers as equally driven as you are…

When you have experienced coaches working with you side-by-side…

When you have a proven plan in place…

When your systems are finally dialed in…

When your mindset breaks free from the stress and negativity, to one of abundance and success…

Your revenue will show it.

In short, you can make massive improvements to your bottom line, and restructure a business you won’t even recognize – all in less than 90 days.

And we can prove it.

We are so confident you’ll LOVE the results you see coming, that we want to back it up.
Here it is:
“If, after our first live meeting, you don’t feel our program is the ideal solution for growing your business, we’ll refund the balance of your payment.”
No Hassle. No funny looks.

We will simply wish you the best and part ways…

Fair enough?
Rachel Colvin
Personal Trainer & Online Coach
Brandon Lee
Personal Trainer & Online Coach
Sara has helped me tremendously to give me the confidence to personally create and launch my very first program online! Her knowledge and wisdom of the online space through the deep understanding of sales funnels, content creation, social media and branding is impressive.  

When searching for a business coach I wanted someone who would give me the freedom to find my authentic voice but who also understood marketing and business. Sara understands both of these and will guide you in a way where you will realize your own inner potential, your greatest purpose here on Earth and help you put it into action and strategy. She gives structured instructions, making it easy to follow, but also pushes you out of your comfort zone so you grow and evolve. 

Beyond grateful for her expertise, and I couldn't recommend anyone better to help build a strong authentic passive income stream within my brand! 

- Stephanie Morrison
Holistic Nutritionist
I have been building a career as a personal trainer and wellness coach for 8 years now. I'm sure most of you can relate with how I felt - if you are not physically working or training with a client you are not making any money - and that just leaves you burnt out and with no time for yourself.  

Being a single mom, I desperately needed to figure out a way to build passive income to help create more flexibly in my life. Sara's approach was incredibly helpful and she made it easy by laying out all the steps so I didn't feel overwhelmed. Her knowledge in sales funnels, creating content, narrowing down target markets, branding and social media was exactly what I needed. 

Sara took all the ideas in my head and simplified ways for me to get them into market seamlessly. With all of Sara's expertise I learned techniques to further build my business so I have more time to spend with my son. If you are looking to simplify you business and life, build passive income and take your business to the next level then I would recommend Sara in a heartbeat.

-Katie Evans
Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
I have been a network marketing professional since 2010, Sara has shown me how to create a system within my business to capture cold leads, nurture them and then prospect, all automatically. 
As a new mom, this has given me even more time freedom so I can focus on being fully present with my little lady!  

I have also worked with Sara to promote my 2017 Online Business Bootcamp Program. Sara worked diligently with me throughout my launch strategy, solidified my branding and target market. We doubled the participant number just with early bird promotions!  

 I've learned how important it is to stay in tune with current online marketing techniques in order to stay relevant within the online space and grow my business. Love working with Sara!  

-Anna Lozano
Network Marketing Professional
I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of creating an online presence and playing out loud with my business. I was so confused as to how I’d uniquely position myself in the digital world in order to attract my ideal client nor did I know how I’d find the time to actively build an audience. 

Sara guided me through a systemized approach towards growing my business that incorporated residual income, using my own voice, leaving me more excited than ever to take my business to the next level!  We went through the process of breaking down my target market enabling me to get crystal clear on exactly who I’d like to work with. Furthermore, we determined specifically how to connect with those individuals ensuring I am strategically speaking to the right people through the online space as oppose to being generalized with my approach.  

I would recommend Sara to anyone in the health & fitness industry who has been feeling stagnant within their business and looking to create or enhance their online presence.  With her outgoing personality, proven systems and customized approach, I can assure it will be time well spent allowing for a massive return on your investment!  You will be put into action IMMEDIATELY!  She’ll give you clear instructions to implement immediately and hold you 100% accountable to the growth of your business encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone daily! 

-Lisa Quinney
Holistic Nutritionist
Keep in mind, there is no obligation. 

Maybe you’ll come away from our call and realize we can help you make it all happen...

…that we are the ones who can help you implement the advice, recommendations, strategies and tactics, as well as the systems we have honed over 27+ combined years of success. 

We believe you will.

If the thought of another year of mediocre results after countless hours of work is unacceptable…

If you can’t tolerate another year of stagnation…maybe it’s time for you to learn to earn!
This mentorship is limited to 15 individuals only. 
We want to ensure you are a good fit for us, and the group we select. We are looking for people who are eager for business growth and understand the value of mentorship and solid action plan.

Business partners or teams must all apply on an individual basis
We look forward to working with you…

Sara & Joe