Stop Struggling To 'Make It' As A Personal Trainer.
Start Making The Money You Deserve! 
Get the knowledge & strategies you need for your fitness business. Start having the INFLUENCE you desire, to make the INCOME you deserve, with the IMPACT you're born to make.
January 18, 2019      Hamilton, On
The LEARN to EARN Workshop goes like this:
  •  We will meet from 9-5pm, in an intimate, small group setting. 
  •  We'll ask you our #1 coaching question that will have you looking at your business and it's potential like a true high performer and increase your income dramatically over the next 30 days.
  •  You'll learn the exact method to drastically change your business by simply setting targets, deadlines & processes.
  •  We'll teach you the exact system successful fit pros use to attract new leads every day.
  •  At lunch you'll have the opportunity to continue to build strong relationships with other high achieving fit pros.
  •  You'll learn how to set up your business for massive success, that will actually give you more time and less anxiety. This comes down to proper planning and tracking, which we give you our 90 Day Business Journal - myBusinessPal, to ensure continued success long after the workshop.
  •  You'll leave with all your questions answered and massive clarity for your 2019 year.
What happens after the workshop?
We're not leaving you there, we want to have an individual, follow up coaching call. In fact we want to have 2 calls with you, so each of us (Joe & Sara) have the opportunity to help you with our individual strengths.
What's Possible For Your Business, If You Went ALL IN For 90 Days?
As a fitness pro, you respect that the high performing bodybuilders are ALL IN!

If you want to get into TOP SHAPE, as fast as possible, you model the actions of those at the top:
  •  There is a very specific plan of action
  •  Everything is logged and tracked
  •  There is a method that is repeated day after day, week after week
  •  There is a deadline
  •  There is accountability
Business Growth Is No Different!

"This investment was a MUST!"

My head is spinning from what I learned from them this past weekend. So much great content From mindset, personal growth to how to connect with more people, marketing, systems, content delivery but also... How to believe and dream BIG for anything and everything you want in life.
- Troy Brown (IFBB Pro)
Apex Physiques

"This past weekend I spent learning from two amazing leaders!"

Joe and Sara are the real deal when it comes to helping people in the fitness industry maximize their potential not only as business owners but as people.
- Zach McKenna

"I am already seeing a drastic change in my business.....holy nuts!"

it is obvious that Joe and Sara love what they do and truly care about all their clients and put their success as a priority!
- Alexa Georgas
The ONLY Canadian fitness business coaches who don't just focus on 1 aspect of your business, because we know there are many moving parts.

The ONLY male and female fitness business coaching duo.

The ONLY fitness business coaches in Canada with a combined 27 year experience in the industry.

The ONLY Canadian fitness business coaches who have built both online & offline 6-figure businesses.
Upcoming LEARN to EARN Workshop Dates
or 2 payments of $425
  January 18, 2019
8am - 5pm
Hamilton, On

1 King St West
Hamilton, ON